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As a leader in dispersing and mixing technology, Dantco Mixers offers a large selection of laboratory-scale and large production dispersers and mixers to provide reliable performance for each and every application.  These dispersers and mixers may be supplied post mounted or tank mounted with mechanical drives or electronic drives (DC or AC Variable Frequency Inverter) or hydraulic drives with standard controls or explosion proof controls.

Dantco is able to specify and supply a full line of Mixers, Dispersers, Agitators, Stator/Rotor Homogenizers.  They can be tank mounted or post mounted, variable or fixed speeds, single or multishafts.  Ribbon Blenders (horizontal or vertical) and Paste Mixers may be entered on special orders.These units can be supplied TEFC or explosion proof, AC fixed or variable frequency motors and controls, and variable speed hydraulics, in sizes ranging from fractional HP to 200 HP.

Dantco is also able to supply most sizes of process and storage tanks, including portable on wheels and on lift tubes for fork lifting, stackable, with mill or polished finish inside and outside. Available in carbon steel and stainless steel, they can also be supplied as jacketed tanks (pocket or half pipe) for cooling or heating and when supplied with proper seals and gaskets able to support low level vacuum/pressure.

The key feature of Dantco products is the simplicity of design which helps keep down cost.  Off the shelf, highest quality components are used throughout.  Motors, pulleys, belts, bearings, ball valves, butterfly valves, hydraulics, instruments and controls are all standard components, which are readily available either at Dantco stock or at any power/process equipment and electrical dealers in your area.

Dantco’s engineering and production departments are committed to offering custom design, the most competitive prices in the industry, 2-year warranty on parts and labor and trying hard to outperform our customers’ expectations.  On time delivery, field service and preventive maintenance on our (or our competitors’) equipment complete the basis of Dantco quality and reliability.

Dantco has been servicing the coatings, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries since 1968. We invite you to browse our web site and we welcome your specific inquiries which will receive our immediate and best attention.

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Dantco Management

Management of Dantco is directed by Michael A. D'Antuono "Mike" who has extensive experience as an engineering and business consultant. Earlier, Mike was a test conductor on the ICBM Titan 1 silo launcher system, reliability engineer on the Apollo Service Module rocket fuel gaging system, design engineer on the optical thermal system of the NASA Hubble Telescope, and components reliability specialist for several industrial and aerospace programs. Mike holds a BSME from NJIT and an MBA from FDU.

Mario Fernandez is the plant manager and has been at Dantco for the past 35 years. Mario holds various diplomas from technical institutes and obtained extensive mechanical training and experience in the military.

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