Ribbon Blenders - Horizontal/Vertical

Dantco Mixers Corporation designs and fabricates Ribbon Blenders for mixing and blending powders from vitamin products to building products and liquid/solids from cheese based salad dressings to candy mixes. Dantco Series 5060 Ribbon Blenders start at 1⁄2 cubic feet for laboratory use to 800 cubic feet for production processes. They are supplied with fixed and variable speed, with belt drives or electronic drives in standard or explosion proof enclosures, with single or double flight ribbons.

Models with heating/cooling jackets are also available in pressures of up to 100 psig. Service repairs, overhauls, refurbishing on mechanical and electronics drive systems are also available. Model DRB-3.5-SS (top right) with a 2 HP motor, 60 rpm fixed speed double flight removable impeller (below), 3.5 cubic feet max capacity, manual 3” gate drain valve, inside finish of 240 grit.

Series 5065 (bottom right) have single flight vertical helical impellers more suitable for high viscosity products, such as hot melts, paste inks, caulking compounds, dental pastes, cosmetics, and flavor and fragrance products. The vertical ribbon blenders may also be supplied in sanitary finishes up to 240 grits.

Large models may be supplied with electrical gear motor drives or hydraulic motor drives with standard or explosion proof controls.

JPEGSeries 5060 & 5065 Overview
PDFSeries 5060 Overview / Model DRB-3.5-SS
JPEGSeries 5060 Design Considerations
JPEGModel DRB-350-SS304
PDFModel DRB-350VS-SS304-P

Model DRB-3.5-SS

Model DRB-3.5-SS Impeller

Vertical Cone Mixer/Blender (Vertical Batch Mixer)

PDFModel VCM-700-50/30-ARS (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
PDFModel VCM-02/40-SS304
PDFModel VRB-SRI-CB-02-30/40-SS304

Vertical Batch Mixer Vertical Batch Mixer

Series 5060 -PDFModel DRB-100-SS304-P
Lab Model, Fixed Speed

1 HP motor, 3/60/230/460V

  • fFxed speed, 45 rpm
  • 1.0 cubic feet, maximum capacity
  • Removable shaft assembly
  • Double flight ribbon
  • Packing gland seals
  • 1” manual gate valve
  • Sanitary finish

These units are available with single and double ribbons, fixed and variable speed using electronic vector drives, TEFC or explosion proof motors and controls, fixed or removable shaft assembly, heating/cooling jacket, vacuum covers and seals, manual or pneumatic controlled drain valves, in sizes from 1⁄2 cubic foot to 800 cubic foot.

Model DRB-100-SS304-P

Model DRB-100-SS304-P Impeller


Configuration   Product Brief
Horizontal View PDF75 3/4" dia.
Horizontal View PDF54" dia.
Vertical   PDFModel SRI-30/40-SS304

Impeller for horizontal ribbon blender, double flight, ends discharge.

PDF75 3/4" Impeller

Diameter: 75 3/4"
Length: 150 1/2"
Used on: 530 cu. ft. blender
Material: SS304

75 3/4 Dia. Horizontal Double Flight Impeller
Impeller for horizontal ribbon blender, double flight, ends discharge.

PDF54" Impeller

Diameter: 54"
Length: 105 1/2"
Used on: 187 cu. ft. blender
Material: SS304

54 Dia. Horizontal Double FLight Impeller
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