Dantco Blade Factory

High SpeedLow SpeedMini-ImpellersDouble Planetary Blades

Basket MillsUpdated

  • Submersible Media Mills
  • Basket Mill Tanks
Basket Mills

High Speed Dispersers

Standard TorqueHigh TorqueTank Mounted
VFI ControlLab/PilotDC

Multishaft Mixers/Dispersers

  • Vector Drive, Variable Speed
  • Mechanical Drive, Variable Speed
  • Post and Tank Mounted
Multishaft Mixer/Dispersers - Post MountedMultishaft Mixer/Dispersers - Tank Mounted


Tank Mounted Mixers/AgitatorsPost Mounted MixersTop EnteringAir MixersLab Models

Homogenizers - Rotor/Stator

  • Lab/Pilot
  • Post Mounted
  • Crane Mounted
  • Hoist Mounted
  • In-Line
Post Mounted HomogenizersTank and Hoist Mounted Homogenizers

Ribbon Blenders

  • Vertical
  • Horizontal
Ribbon BlendersRibbon Blenders

Control Systems

  • NEMA 7 & 9 - Vector Drives
  • NEMA 12 - Vector Drives
NEMA 12 Explosion ProofNEMA 4

Tanks and Reactors

Portable Mixing TanksSmall Portable Mixing Tanks and PailsStorage TanksStackable and Portable Bins

Reactors and Kettles

  • Jacketed Reactors
  • Vacuum/Pressure
Jacketed ReactorsVacuum/Pressure

Systems and Special Equipment

TurnkeySkidded Process Equipment
Extruder PressesOther Equipment


  • Can Locks
  • Disk Valves
  • Temperature Measurement

As a leader in dispersing and mixing technology, Dantco Mixers offers a large selection of laboratory-scale and large production dispersers, mixers and stator/rotor homogenizers to provide reliable performance for each and every application.

Our dispersers, mixers, and homogenizers are available with fixed, dual and variable speeds, post mounted or tank mounted with mechanical drives or electronic drives (DC or AC Variable Frequency Inverter) with standard controls or explosion proof controls.

Dantco also offers a selection of process tanks in fixed or portable configuration, open top with removable lids or closed top with vacuum/pressure seals, standard or jacketed (pocket or half pipe), and storage tanks in cylindrical or square configuration, all in carbon steel or stainless steel.

Paste mixers, extruders, extruder nozzles, extruder presses, can crushers, and can closing equipment are also offered on special orders.

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