Repair and Refurbishing

Dantco has provided maintenance, repair and refurbishing of kneaders, extruders, planetary mixers, shot and sand mills, dispersers, mixers, rotor/stator homogenizers, mixing vessel with heating/cooling coils and jackets. Parts have been replaced, exchanged, rebuilt to original manufacturer specifications. All systems are tested and validated, either at our factory or at site, prior to turning them over to customer's operations.

PDFRepair Overview
PDFLab 3-Roll Mill
PDFAPV Gaulin Model M6 Homogenizer (1) (2)
PDFDean Brothers Hot Oil Pump (1) (2)
PDFHot Oil Pumps
PDFLab Kneader, ½ cu. ft.
PDFDouble Planetary Mixer
Three Shaft Mixer/Disperser

Double Planetary Mixers
  • Rebuild variable speed drive
  • Rebuild gear systems
  • Supply new blades and parts
  • Test & validate

PDFDouble Planetary Mixers

Kneaders and Extruders
  • Change seals
  • Change bearings
  • Rework cooling chamber
  • Rework sigma blades
  • Rework extruder screw
  • Supply new extruder nozzles
  • Test & validate

PDFBaker-Perkins Heavy Paster Kneader, 500 gal, 100 HP
PDFBaker/Perkins, 350 gal, 100 HP (1) (2)
PDFBaker/Perkins, 350 gal, 300 HP (1) (2)

Shot Mills, Sand Mills, Stone Mills, S-W Mills
  • Change bearings
  • Replace rotor disks
  • Replace rotor shaft
  • Rebuild jacketed tank
  • Test & validate

PDFHorizontal Shot Mill (1) (2)
PDFMill Disks and Agitators
PDFStone Mill Assembly Model B-1400

More about S-W Mills.

Dispersers, Mixers and Reactors
  • Replace pulleys, variable pitch & fixed
  • Replaced belts
  • Changed blades and turbines
  • Recondition/replace lift system
  • Added safety features (switches, guards)
  • Added variable frequency drives (VFD)
  • Added remote speed controls
  • Added instrumentation (tachometer, ammeter, timer, sequencing logic)

Meyers 50 HP Dual Motor Mixer/
Disperser, Post Mounted
Hockmeyer Tank Top with 25 HP Agitator
Pfaulder Pressure/Vacuum Tank with Heating Jacket Retrofitted with Dantco Series 3001 Mixer/Agitato
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