Preventative Maintenance Program

Preventative Maintenance as applied to Dispersers, Mixers, Agitators, Mills, Homogenizers, will assure that the parts and components susceptible to wear are maintained to prolong their useful life, thus eliminating sudden breakdowns, consequential wear and tear, and consuming downtime.

All inspections, tests and trouble shooting will be accomplished by the field maintenance technician following the assigned checklist, attached herewith, for the particular equipment.

Our technicians are trained and experienced in assembly, repair and test all brands of agitators, mixers, dispersers, kettles, blenders, kneaders and packaging machines. All technicians are supervised by a Mechanical  Engineer from the home office using telecommunication and shop debriefing.

During the course of the Preventative Maintenance, all subsystems, parts and components that need to be replaced will be noted, and upon request, will be quoted separately of the maintenance inspection fees.

All necessary machining fabricating, welding, and special assembly and tests will be accomplished at shop, if needed, and when the customer issues a Purchase Order.

The maintenance and inspection fees are quoted as per attached Field Service List.

JPEGPreventative Maintenance Program

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