Multishaft Mixers/Dispersers

These machines will increase productivity and versatility of high viscosity batch processing. They are suitable for mixing and dispersing materials with high viscosity in excess of 100,000 cps that tend to stick to the wall of the mixing vessel. The high speed blade will disperse the materials at a tip speed of 5200 feet per minute, while the large open type impeller, rotating in the range of 300 to 1300 feet per minute, will keep the high viscous materials flowing. This system produces swift dispersions in applications from paste inks to coatings, plastisols, adhesives, caulking compounds, and specialty chemicals.

The disperser and the mixer may be running one at time or both at the same time. Typical speed ranges at the mixing shaft are 600 to 1400 rpm for the high speed disperser and 30 to 90 rpm for the low speed mixer from 1 to 5 HP laboratory/pilot line models and from 5 to 100 HP production models.

These units are offered in laboratory models and production models in tank mounted version (Series 4020) and post mounted version (Series 4022) in fixed or variable speeds, with mechanical drives or variable frequency drives.  Models range from laboratory sizes to pilot line sizes to production sizes with tank capacity exceeding 3000 gallons.

These machines may also be designed with a variable speed belt/motor/drive system using very high efficiency AC motors coupled to a Variable Frequency Inverter for a soft start of the machine, for precise speed control and for significant energy saving. Tank mounted units are Model DVF from Series 4070, while the post mounted units are Models HVF form Series 4072.

The Dual Shaft Mixer/Dispersers may be supplied with several features which will add to versatility and economy. Features such as vacuum/pressure operation, choice of interchangeable mixing vessels, choice of fixed and portable vessels with heating/cooling jackets or external pipe coils for hot oil heating, choice of drives, choice of low speed anchor or helical turbines. A stator/rotor dispersing head may be added for superior high shear results. Wetted stainless parts may be polished to more than 240 grits.

PDFDual Shaft Overview
JPEGModel DVF and HVF Overview
PDFModel DHL and HSL Typical Assemblies

Series Model Description   Product Brief
4020 DHL Tank mounted
Belt drive
Fixed & variable speed

PDFDual Shaft Disperser/Mixer Jacketed Reactor
JPEGModel DHL-30F-15V-7.5C-EX/SS (1) (2)
PDFModel DHL-30F-20V-750SS
PDFModel DHL-10V-5V
JPEGModel DHL-50F-20V-1.2K-EX/SS
JPEGModel DHL-75V-30V-1.4K-EX/CS
JPEGModel DHL-7.5V-3F-1.5C-EX/CS
JPEGModel DHL-200/100-30F-2.5K-EX/SS
4022 HSL Post mounted
Belt drive
Fixed & variable speed

PDFModel HSL-3V-2V-10G/V (1) (2)
4070 DVF Tank mounted
Vector drive
Variable speed
  JPEGModel DVF-60F-30F-3.2K-TEFC/SS
JPEGModel DVF-60F-30F-3.2K-TEFC/SS
4072 HVF Post mounted
Vector drive
Variable speed
View PDFModel HVF-10F-30F-60/36-TEFC/SS
JPEGModel HVF-60F-30F-62/36-EX/CS (1) (2)

Series 4020 -JPEGModel DHL-30F-15V-7.5C-EX/SS (1) (2)
Tank Mounted

Variable speed shear blade

  • Fixed speed anchor
  • F&D mixing vessel, 750 gallon polished to 150 grit
High Polish on Wetted Parts

Series 4022 -PDFModel HSL-3V-2V-10G/V (1) (2)
Mixer/Disperser, Dual Mixing Shaft, Variable Speed
Vacuum & Jacketed Kettle


  • TEFC motors, 2 & 3 HP
  • Motor control panel with starters, lock & E-switch, NEMA 12 enclosure
  • 10 gallon vacuum heating/cooling jacket kettle on 4 casters with brakes, Model DK-10-35P-SS
  • Jacket tested for 45 psig
  • Fixed cover with Tri-clover charge port, NPT port for vacuum
  • Air-over-oil lift
  • Lift limit switch
  • Kettle limit switch
  • HSF-4 high shear blade
  • 3 blade anchor turbine with Teflon scrapers
  • Tri-Clover 4” charging port with sanitary cover
  • Sanitary polish inside & outside
  • Suitable for fork lift moving


  • Dispersion, high shear blade, blending, 3-blade anchor turbine, with heating/cooling feature
  • High viscous products, up to 100kcps

HSL-3V-2V UpHSL-3V-2V Down

Series 4022 -JPEGModel HSL-100V-SS

  • Variable speed shear blade and anchor turbine
  • Air/Hydraulic lift & controls
  • 14 gallon mixing vessel with vacuum sealed cover, view port, heating/cooling jacket, inside polished to 240 grits, outside polished to 150 grits.
Series 4022 Pilot Model and Tank with Vacuum Lid and Heated Jacket

Series 4022 -JPEGModel HSL-50V-30V-EX/SS
Post Mounted

  • Variable speed shear blade and anchor turbine
  • Scrapers (Teflon) on risers and bottom of turbine
  • Air/Hydraulic lift with controls, 54" rise
  • 350 gallon mixing vessel (48" dia.) not shown
Series 4022

Series 4072 -PDFModel HVF-10F-30F-60/36-TEFC/SS
Mixer/Disperser (10 HP & 30 HP)
Dual Motors, Dual Mixing Shaft
Variable Speed Vector Driver
Mixing Tank (400 Gallon)


  • TEFC motors, inverter duty,10 & 30 HP, 3/60230V (non explosion proof)
  • 10 HP, belt/gear reducer, low speed, variable 20 to 80 rpm
  • Bow tie turbine with risers, 3-blade
  • 30 HP, belt drive, high speed, variable 180 to 1800 rpm
  • High shear blade, HSF, 12” dia.
  • High rise lift with Dutchman base
  • Air-over-oil lift with controls
  • Lift limit switch
  • Dual Controller, NEMA 1, Vector Drive, 10 HP & 30 HP, 3/60/230V
  • Remote Control Box, NEMA 12:
    • Digital Ammeter
    • Digital Tachometer
    • Reset/On Switch
    • Speed pot (0 to 100%)
    • Timer (0 to 100 min)
    • E-Stop
  • 400 gallon mixing tank, F&D bottom on 4 angle legs, SS304, mill finish
  • Bottom drain with flush mounted ball valve with air actuator

This unit is suitable to process carbon base products, silica powder, stucco materials, construction adhesives, rubber base
adhesives in TEFC non explosion proof. It may be supplied also in explosion proof configuration (Cl 1, Gp D, NEMA 7 & 9).

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