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Tank/Mixer Assembly View PDFModel DDC-05-100/1000-TEFC/SS
Lab Dispersing and Blending System View PDFModel LDB-100EX-1
Air Mixer/Disperser/Kettle Systems   PDFModel 501C10GSYS (1) (2)
PDFModel 501A3GSYS
PDFModel 501A5GSYS
PDFModel AMK-150SAR-TCOU-20/75SS
PDFModel 501A5GTDSYS (1) (2)
PDFModel AM-150-P-3C/30C-5CKET (1) (2)
Portable Air/Mixer/Tank Systems   PDFModel AMT-150LL-TFD25-SS/FRL
PDFModel AMT-150LL-TFD25-SS (1) (2)
Portable Tank/Mixer Lab Assembly   PDFModel DAC-05-1750-TEFC-SS-JSP
Filter Assembly   PDFModel FA-101

Tank/Mixer Assembly
Series 3003 - Portable Laboratory Model

PDFModel DDC-05-100/1000-TEFC/SS

Tank/Mixer for laboratory use where controls and displays are essential.


  • DC Motor, ½ HP, 1750 rpm, TEFC
  • Variable Speed, 100 to 1000 rpm
  • Vessel capacity, 5 gallon, 12" dia x 12" deep
  • Electrical heating & controls, 800W
  • OAH 36"
  • Materials: SS316
  • Input to SCR controller, heating & temperature display is 1/60/120V
Standard Features
  • Turbine, high efficiency
  • SCR variable speed controller
  • Thermo probe
  • Digital temperature display
  • Flush bottom ball valve
  • Liquid level gage
  • Wheels with brake
  • Hinged cover
  • Humidity proof wiring
  • Sanitary finish

Lab Dispersing and Blending System
Dual Lab Air Mixers with Reactor

PDFModel LDB-100EX-1

The Lab Dispersing & Blending System consists of 3 major assemblies:

  • Series 501, Model AM-150-P Lab Air Disperser, Variable High Speed
  • Series 501A, Model AM-150A-P-20/200RPM, Lab Air Mixer/Agitator, Variable Low Speed
  • Model TFDU-2G-75, Reactor with 75 psig heating/cooling jacket and split flat cover

This Lab Station is used to process products needing explosion proof capabilities. The product may be subjected to high shear action on the Series 501 Disperser. The product may also be subjected to a blending action under the Series 501A Mixer/Agitator. The reactor, cone bottom and flush mounted ball valve, may be used as the mixing vessel with the versatility of controlling the temperature of the product being processed. The high speed high shear blade may be substituted with a Teflon disk, thus using the Lab Station as a Lab Mill. Various accessories are available with this system beside the built in tachometers, 3-jaw chucks and the Filter Regulator Lubricator (FRL) shown in the picture. Thermal probe and temperature display, load cells or platform, sight gage, vacuum cover, view ports and view lamp may also be supplied on request.

Model LDB-100EX-1
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