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Motor/Pump Assembly View Model DMP-RGP3-EX
Can Crusher View JPEGModel DDC-500-TC

Motor and Pump Assembly

The explosion proof motor is direct coupled to the rotary gear pump and mounted on a 10” structural channel 32” long. The pump inlet and outlet is 2” NPT. The carbon steel components have a gray enamel paint finish. The motor is 3 HP, 3/60/230/460V. This motor pump is used to distribute resins to several coating processing mixers. These production units are available in various capacities and horsepower.


Model DCC-500-TC
Can Crusher

JPEGModel DDC-500-TC

This unit is a heavy duty Can Crusher capable of crushing gallon, quart and pint size cans, empty or full with most flowable materials, to less than one tenth of its original size. This model features a control panel mounted 6 digital totaling counter manually set for predetermined number of cans to be crushed.

The system is air powered and controlled hydraulic circuit with a built-in automatic sequencing air logic branch enabling it to feed the can into the crushing chamber, close the front door of the crushing chamber, pierce the can in the crushing chamber, crush the can, open the escapement door, and push the crushed can into the scrap metal chute.

While the can is being pierced and crushed, the contained flowable product is being collected and directed through a 2" quick disconnect coupling to a container or an auxiliary pump for further storage.

The Can Crusher is capable of handling hazardous materials due to the inherent air-hydraulic design. All wetted parts are carbon steel on standard units.

Physical dimensions are 54" wide, 60" deep and 55" high. Its weight is 300 pounds. The air requirements are 100 psig @ 130 cfm.

Can Crusher
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