Turnkey Systems

Engineering and Design

Dantco has designed layouts for mixers and dispersers considering the structural characteristics of the plant, has made structural modifications to suit the new and existing equipment with emphasis on product flow, has designed working platforms and skidded systems to increase production efficiency, has designed, specified and selected piping systems including valves, filters, pumps, motors, flow meters, instrumentation for product flow and hot oil heating, has designed and selected motor controls, including starters, variable frequency inverters, push button stations, remote speed controls,  hydraulic, pneumatic and thermo controls as applied to mixers, dispersers, homogenizers, and ribbon blenders.  All plant layout, piping, platforms, fumes and dust collection, and electrical controls were designed and selected within the applicable environmental constraints.

Installation and Integration

Dantco has installed and integrated various mixers and dispersers systems, used and new, including structural modifications, rigging and set-in-place, hydraulics and pneumatic lines, water lines, hot oil lines, electrical connections and hook-up.  Dantco personnel are well adept to do plumbing, millwright, iron works and erection, demolition and masonry, and electrical.


Dantco has conducted in-house and at customer facilities acceptance tests of mixers, dispersers, homogenizers, ribbon blenders, mixing tanks, storage tanks, jacketed tanks, conveyors, tank presses, heating/cooling, dust prevention and collection, can crushers, bag bailers, using calibrated equipment and instrumentation to assure that the equipment met or exceeded the designed parameters.

Dantco is also able to conduct system tests to assure that the production line performs to the designed specifications.

Dantco test conductors and technicians are continuously instructed to keep-up with the state-of-the-art.


PDFTurnkey Production Facilities
PDFTurnkey Process Piping
PDFTurnkey Working Platforms
PDFTurnkey Mixing System
PDFPortable Air Mixer/Tank System (1) (2) (3) (4)

PDFSeries 2072 System (1) (2)

This set-up shows 3 mixing stations with variable speed dispersers, remote control panel, mixing tanks, transfer pumps and piping, air supply manifold, drain tank all mounted on a heavy duty platform. This system is used in explosion proof area to process plastic compounds. The disperser on the right (Model DVF-300-48/21-EX/SS) has a 30 HP inverter duty motor with fixed sheaves and belts transmission controlled by vector drive and remote panel displaying mixing shaft speed and motor amperage and including on/off switch, E-switch and speed potentiometer. The mixing vessel (Model PTA510-SS) has a capacity of over 500 gallon. The other 2 dispersers (Model DVF-100-48/21-EX/SS) have 10 HP inverter duty motor and similar transmission and controls. The mixing vessels (Model PTA-55SS) have a capacity of over 55 gallon.

Mixing System Series 2072
A Dantco post mounted, variable speed disperser, Series 2030, 100 HP, explosion proof, with 2 SS304 tanks with tapered bottom, mezzanine mounted, with covers fill piping and flow meters, drain piping hooked-up to diaphragm pumps, control panel with push button controls, digital tachometers and ammeters. Visible also is the working platform built by the customer. This heavy duty Disperser is used to process latex paint.
A working platform serving aggregate bins. Notice the comfortable steps leading to the solid steel deck and the removable railing built to OSHA specifications. The platform was fabricated in modular form ready to be assembled at the job site with simple tools.
A high pressure hot oil piping supply line used to heat rotating drums in a textile production transfer printing press. The carbon steel all welded pipe line with suitable insulation and expansion joints, originated at the natural gas driven furnace with the hot oil flow being distributed to various transfer printing machines by several pumps. Dantco was the mechanical contractor responsible for design, procuring, installing, integrating and validating all piping components and instrumentation.
Piping used to transfer resin from storage tank to various mixing tanks in a paint factory. Notice the motor pumps, flow meters, various valves and the threaded carbon steel piping. The supports and layout of all components were dictated by cost constraints.
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