Through-the-Floor Installation

Series 2030 Dispersers
Through-the-Floor Installation

Through-the-floor installation maximizes the efficiency of these dispersers by placing the raw materials on the mezzanine by the top of the tank for the operator to easily charge the mix while having the disperser controls within easy reach. The processed products are then easily packaged at the lower level due to gravity flow.

Dantco Engineering Department will assist the customer in designing the mezzanine for safe access and efficient operation. Remote sensors and controls may be incorporated in the overall design to aid in the system automation. Pneumatic, hydraulic and electronic logic component may be used to achieve optimum system operation in an explosion proof or non explosion proof environment.


  • Lift with rise to clear tank
  • Remote speed control, EX
  • Start/stop station, EX
  • Analog ammeter, EX
  • Analog tachometer
  • Rotek bearing, easy swing
  • Pneumatic head locks
  • Starter, NEMA 1
  • Installation (set-in-place)
Model DSR-TF-1000-70/63-1.3-EXSS, 100 HP Variable Speed
Model DSR-TF-1000-70/63-1.3-EXSS
100 HP Variable Speed

Model DSR-TF-500, 50 HP Variable Speed
Model DSR-TF-500
50 HP Variable Speed

Model DSR-TF-1000, 100 HP Variable Speed
Model DSR-TF-1000
100 HP Variable Speed
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