High Speed Disperser Blades

Dantco Mixers Corporation has a line of stainless steel and abrasion resistant Poly high speed dispersion blades in various styles to suit the particular dispersion application. All stainless steel blades may be supplied with a hard chrome plated coating or with plasma sprayed tungsten carbide coating for long life in abrasive or high temperature mixing environment. Most blades are stocked and available from 1" to 36" diameter, suitable for laboratory, to pilot line, to full production. These blades are used in inks, coatings, adhesives, ceramic, rubber and chemical industries. They are designed to disperse, dissolve, emulsify solid/liquid/gas materials. All blades may be bored to fit other than Dantco Mixers Corporation dispersers.

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PDFHigh Speed Disperser Blades (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (w/Hubs)
PDFMixing Shaft with Double Blades

Type Description   Product Brief
With Hub


PDFHigh Shear Special
PDFDBH-F10/6-2B-SS304 (1) (2)
High Vane
With Hub
F&G Combo
With Hub
HSO Holed Tooth View  
HSD Ring/Disk View  
HSC High Shear   PDFHSC-21-3/16-SS304
HSCC Curved Tooth
w/Hub & Shaft
Poly Long Life View  
Poly-U Urethane   PDFPoly-U

Hub and Blade Holders

PDFModel DBH Blade Holders

The blade is held by the top and bottom blade holder with 2 fasteners. The top blade holder (shown on the left) has a welded hub with keyway and set screws. This design is suitable for mounting a blade anywhere on the mixing shaft, most of the time it is in the middle of the mixing shaft. The blade position on the mixing shaft may be adjustable within the length of the keyway on the shaft.

Blade Holder
The HSF style is the standard used for most dispersing appliations, since it produces high shear dispersion, pumping action, and size reduction especially for heavy agglomerates. It is used in processing paints, inks, slurries and coatings. Available in diameters from 1" to 36". Dantco is the only supplier to offer this style blade in 1" diameter size. HSF
The HSE style is a combination of F and G style blades and offers intense turbulent flow with some shear, especially when used on high vehicle viscosity and high solid solutions, resulting in good dispersion with high pump rate. This style is favored in dissolving resins. HSE

The HSG style, high vane blade, generates a high pumping action which tends to mix the entire batch efficiently, resulting in high speed blending with low shear, but with excellent flow and circulation. It is used in heavy bodied mixes that require higher shear as obtained from paddle agitation.


The HSO style blade offers high pumping action and high shear. The hole pattern allows for maximum shear generation with less horsepower. Other process characteristics are similar to the HSF style blades. HSO
The HSD style, characterized as the Ring/Disk Blade, offers all the advantage of a rotor/stator assembly while retaining the versatility of a single blade design. The inside sharp teeth shear pigments agglomerates and discharge materials at great speed and pressure through the slots and against the surfaces of the deflected rings. Mixing materials are quickly reduced in size with little heat accumulation. HSD
The HSCC style blade produces high shear, pumping action, and size reduction similarly to HSF style blade.  The curved teeth of the HSCC blade provide additional shear caused by centrifugal forces pushing the materials through the venturi formed by the roundness of the tooth. HSCC
The Poly Blades are best suited for the toughest dispersion applications where abrasive aqueous system such as ceramic, titanium dioxide, sand will immediately wear out standard high shear stainless blade. The Poly Blades, formulated from non-sparking and medium temperature materials (150 degrees F), should outlast other blades by a factor of 10 in most applications. Poly
The HSF-H style is same as HSF style with the inclusion of a center hub with 2 set screws for mixing shaft attachment. This configuration may be used with blades up to 8" in diameter. HSF-H
The HSE-H style is same as HSE style blade with the inclusion of a center hub with 2 set screws for mixing shaft attachment. This configuration may be used with blades up to 8" in diameter. HSE-H
The HSG-H style is same as HSG style with the inclusion of a center hub with 2 set screws for mixing shaft attachment.  This configuration may be used with blades up to 8" in diameter. HSG-H
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