Low Speed Turbines

Available in carbon steel, stainless, and Hastelloy in diameters from 4" & up. Carbon steel units may be coated with vulcanized rubber for maximum wear resistance against acids.

PDFLow speed turbines (AFF, DEF, SBT)
PDFLow speed turbines (VHE, DAT, SBT)

Type Description   Product Brief
VHE Very High Efficiency View PDFModel VHE
PDFModel VHE-60-3 1/2-5x1/2-SS304
Model VHE-24-1.5-SS304
AFF Axial Flow

PDFModel AFF3-SR-12-RC, Rubber Coated
PDFModel AFF-2-48-1&3/16-SS
AFF Split Hub View PDFModel AFF-S-28-.5X5-SS
PDFModel AFF-S-6.5-SS
PDFModel AFF-S-2-20-2-SS, 2-Blade
PDFModel AFF-S-6.5-SS, Sanitary
PDFModel AAF-52-3 1/2-5x1/2-SS304
Radial Flow   View ViewModel RF05-10-SS
DPR Disk Turbine   PDFModel DPR-040-6BL-SS

Paddle Disk Turbine   PDFModel DPT-02-6P-SS
PDFModel DPT-04-6P-SS
PDFModel PDT-020-3/16-SS304
PDFModel PDT-030-3/16-SS304
PDFModel PDT-040-H-3/8-SS304

Anchor Turbine View PDFModel DAT2-6-6-SS
PDFModel DAT-2B-6-6-SS316
PDFModel SAT-200-SS
SBT Bow Tie
With Risers

PDFModel SBT (1) (2)
DEF Butterfly View
PDFModel DEF3-10-4-3/8-SS
PDFModel DEF-11/4-SS (w/scrapers)
PDFModel DEF-07-1.5-3/4-SS304
PDFModel DEF Common Designs (1) (2)
RFC Curved Blades   PDFModel RFC-18-2-SS304-SANIT
RB Helical View  
GB Gate View  

Type VHE, Very High Efficiency


These turbines may be used at the bottom of the mixing shaft. They have been proved to use less power than the other types of turbines. They will generate an axial flow when placed in a position one diameter from the bottom of the mixing tank. They are usually supplied with keyway and set screws. Materials are stainless types 304 or 316 with surface finish of up to 240 grits polish. Available sizes are from 2” diameter and up.

Type VHE

Type AFF for Axial Flow

Type AFF

Type AFF, Rubber Coated -PDFModel AFF3-SR-12-RC

  • Axial flow, 3-blade, 12” dia.
  • Stabilizer ring, welded
  • Mixing shaft, welded
  • Rubber coated, vulcanized process

The rubber coated turbine can withstand high corrosive products including hydrochloric acids. It is much more economical than Hastelloy. Carbon steel is easier to machine also. Sizes up to 60” in diameter may be considered for this process.

Type AFF-3
Type AFF - Vulcanized Rubber Coated, Type AFF-4
Hydrochloric Acid Resistant
Type AFF-4

Type AFF - Axial Flow Turbine, Split Hub -PDFModel AFF-S-28-.5X5-SS

Features: OD 28”, ID 3”, blades ½” x 5” wide, ears ½” x 2”, bolts 5/8” x 2” with nuts & lock washers, SS304, finish, mill, welds ground smooth, balanced for low speed.

Options: Finish up to 240 grits, other materials available, mixing shaft available.

Applications: Easily inserted in mixing tank through manhole, hub is slipped on shaft and placed at any height, hub held on mixing shaft by compression exerted by tightening the 6 bolts on 2 sets of ears (no need of keyway or set screws)


Type RF - Radial Flow Turbine, Model RF05-10-SS
Number of Blades: 5, Diameter: 10”, Blade size: ¼” x 2”

This turbine was used to mix low viscosity products in a 55 gallon drum. The mixer was a variable low speed, post mounted, 5 HP, explosion proof, 42” rise, from our Series 4050, Model DHL-050-42/16-EX/SS.


Type DAT2 -PDFModel DAT2-6-6-SS

Anchor turbine with 2 blades and mixing shaft. Dimensions are 6.5” wide by 6” deep with 1” x 3/16” blades and 3/8” shaft. This unit has a 240 grit finish. For use on lab mixer to process viscous products that stick to wall of mixing vessel. Production units are also available with 2-blade or 3-blade configuration.

Type DAT2

Type SBT, Sweep Bow Tie with Risers -PDFModel SBT

Type SBT

Type DEF, Butterfly -PDFModel DEF3-10-4-3/8-SS

Turbine has 3 blades and keyless hub with set screws. Dimensions are 10” diameter, 4” wide, 3/8” thick, 5/8” ID hub. This turbine is used to process viscous products that need to be pushed down by the rotating blades. These units may be supplied in 2-blade or 3-blade configuration for lab or production applications.

Type DEF3

Type DEF, Butterfly, Sweeping

Type DEF

Type DEF, Butteryfly, 3-Blade with Teflon Scrapers -PDFModel DEF

Features: 11” dia., height 4”, bore ¾” with keyway, SS304, polish 240 grits, Teflon scrapers (bolted-on), suitable for flanged & dished (F&D) mixing kettle. Special Feature: Auxiliary turbine, type AFF, wmkj01ith scrapers attached at bottom of butterfly hub for mixing minute amount of powder.

Application: Slow speed mixing of powders and high viscosity pastes. Variable low speed air mixer Model DAL-100 not shown. More info on mixing kettle.

Butterfly Turbine with Teflon
Butterfly Turbine with Teflon
Type RB-1FB, Helical Helical
Type GB-2F&D, Gate Type GAF
Type GB-3FB, Gate Gate
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