High Speed Dispersers and Drum Mixers

Model DVH and DVW Dispersers and Drum Mixers
Variable Speed, Heavy Duty, Standard Output Torque

The DVH models are heavy duty, high speed dispersers with standard output torque using Speed Selector variable speed drive designed into a single belt power train, resulting in maximum power delivery to the high speed blade. Models DVW are similar but with front speed controls instead of top speed controls. Both DVH and DVW models are available in drum mixer configurations. All motors are NEMA standard or explosion proof with UL label.

Typical speed ranges at the mixing shaft:

Series Model Speed Range (RPM) HP Application
2001 DVH 400-3600 1-5 Lab/Pilot
2010 DVH 600-3600 3-30 Production
2010A DVH 500-2800 40-60 Production
2010B DVH 1000-3000 75-100 Production
2012 DVW 560-2400 3-30 Production

Available accessories for these models: 

  • Can Lock, adjustable
  • Tachometer, digital or analog
  • Ammeter, digital or analog
  • Front manual speed control
  • Interval timer, 0 to 100 minutes
  • Remote electrical speed controls (standard or explosion proof)

PDFModel DVH/DVW Accessories

Description   Product Brief
Series 2010, 3-30 HP View

PDFModel DVH-030-24/12-EX
PDFModel DVH-300-48/26-EX/SS
PDFModel DVH-300-48/26-EX/SS-SPEC
PDFModel DVH-200-48/26-EX
PDFModel DVH-200-48/26-C-TEFC/SS
PDFModel DVH-200-53/26-C-TEFC/SS
PDFModel DVH-200-60/29-C-EX/SS
PDFModel DVH-150-54/26-EX
PDFModel DVH-150-48/26-STAR-TEFC/SS
PDFModel DVH-100-48/21-EX/SS
PDFModel DVH-100-48/21-EX
PDFModel DVH-050-42/18-EX/SS
PDFModel DVH-050-42/18-TEFC/SS (1) (2)
PDFModel DVH-030-18/12-AL-EX
Series 2010, 40-60 HP   PDFModel DVH-500-48/28-EX/SS
PDFModel DVH-600-48/18-EX/SS
Series 2010, In Drum   PDFModel DVH-050-42/18-EX/SS (1) (2)
Series 2011, Low Ceilings   PDFModel DVJ-300-46/29-EX/SS
Series 2012   PDFModel DVW-050-42/18-EX/SS
Series 2012, In Drum   PDFModel DVW-050-42/18-EX/SS (1) (2)
Series 5005, Drum Lid   PDFModel VED-100-LBG
PDFModel VED-500-LBG (1) (2) (3)

Typical Assembly
Series 2010 -PDFModel DVH-030-24/12-EX

Standard features:

  • 3 HP motor
  • Variable speed range, 400 to 3600 RPM
  • 4" diameter lift, 24" rise


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