DC Dispersers

Model DDC
Variable Speed, Extended Speed Range, Heavy Duty
DC High Torque Motors, SCR Controller, 1/60/220VAC Input

The DC Dispersers offer constant torque and constant speed not affected by load variations.

The SCR speed controller features full wave rectifier, soft start acceleration, transient and surge protection, line voltage compensation, forward on/off switch.

These models are available in 3 Series:

Standard speed range is 100 to 1750 rpm. Other optional speed range is 100 to 2500 rpm on most models.

Typical Assembly
Series 2021 -PDFModel DDC-050-36/16-TEFC

  • Standard Features:
  • 5 HP DC motor, TEFC
  • Direct Drive
  • Variable Speed Range, 100 to 1750 rpm
  • SCR Controller, Stand Mounted, with ON/OFF switch, speed pot
  • 1 phase, 50/50 Hz, 220VAC Input
  • Air-over-oil lift with controls, 36" rise
  • Choice of high speed blades & slow speed turbines

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